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Facial recognition technology and law enforcement

By Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner. Technological advances in the last 20 years have rapidly increased the ability of online systems to identify individuals. These advances can make many transactions straight forward, such as passing through passport control or unlocking a … Continue reading

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Raising the bar – consent under the GDPR

By Steve Wood, Deputy Information Commissioner. We’ve already tackled some myths around consent when it comes to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and you’ll be pleased to hear we’ve now published our final detailed guidance on consent to help you … Continue reading

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New regulatory powers for the digital age

James Dipple-Johnstone explains our new regulatory powers and how we’ll exercise them. Organisations and data protection professionals will find this information useful when responding to our consultation on our Regulatory Action Policy. Our updated Regulatory Action Policy is out for … Continue reading

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ICO seeks comments on draft Data Protection Impact Assessment guidance

14 May 2018: We have now published our detailed guidance on DPIAs, as well as a podcast on this topic. By Ian Deasha, Information Rights Regulatory Development Group Manager. The ICO has for many years championed the benefits of voluntary … Continue reading

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A win for the data protection of UK consumers – WhatsApp signs public commitment not to share personal data with Facebook until data protection concerns are addressed

By Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham. People have a right to have their personal data kept safe, only used in ways that are properly explained to them, and for certain uses of their data, to which they expressly consent. This is … Continue reading

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Making or selling Internet of Things (IoT) devices? Six reasons you need to be thinking about data protection

By Peter Brown, Technology Group Manager. With the demand for connected toys, smart watches and smart home accessories growing rapidly it’s safe to say the IoT market is booming. At the same time, barely a week goes by without hearing … Continue reading

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Meltdown and Spectre – what should organisations be doing to protect people’s personal data?

By Nigel Houlden, Head of Technology Policy This week Google’s Project Zero team published details of serious security flaws, Meltdown and Spectre, which affect almost every modern computer, and could allow hackers to steal sensitive personal data. The three connected … Continue reading

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GDPR is not Y2K

Listen to our March 2018 podcast answering your questions on GDPR myths. By Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham. I’ve been pleased to hear from many of you that the eight GDPR myth busting blogs we’ve run this year have been helpful … Continue reading

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ICO seeks comment on draft Children and GDPR guidance

By Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner. Children today are truly digital natives. With that in mind, we need to ensure that they have the tools to be contributing digital citizens. This means that the protection of children’s personal data is fundamentally … Continue reading

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Update on ICO investigation into data analytics for political purposes

By Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner. In May I announced a formal investigation into the use of data analytics for political purposes. We’re looking at how personal information was analysed to target people as part of political campaigning and have been … Continue reading

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