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Meltdown and Spectre – what should organisations be doing to protect people’s personal data?

By Nigel Houlden, Head of Technology Policy This week Google’s Project Zero team published details of serious security flaws, Meltdown and Spectre, which affect almost every modern computer, and could allow hackers to steal sensitive personal data. The three connected … Continue reading

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Being held to ransom?

By Simon Rice, Group Manager for Technology. UK businesses are reportedly being forced to shut down after being held hostage by ransomware. One report suggested that 54% of UK businesses have been targeted with a ransomware attack, prompting more than … Continue reading

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Public must act to protect themselves when using Internet of Things devices

By Simon Rice, Group Manager for Technology. Is this creepy website live-streaming YOUR living room? That was the Daily Mail headline in 2014, highlighting a Russian website that was providing links to access internet-connected cameras around the world. The story … Continue reading

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Private investigator crackdown by ICO

By Damian Moran, Criminal Investigation Team manager. Private investigators suspected of unlawful practices will be surprised by doorstep visits by officers from the ICO this week. The action by the ICO’s Criminal Investigation’s team follows intelligence we’ve gathered about the … Continue reading

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What are our mobile apps actually doing?

By Simon Rice, Group Manager for Technology. How long could people get by without using mobile apps? Maybe as long as a day without checking the weather or bank balance. Probably only a few hours without checking emails. And maybe … Continue reading

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ICO releases new encryption guidance

By Peter Brown, Senior Technology Officer So many data breaches that make the headlines lead to questions about whether the data placed at risk was encrypted. All too often, despite the relative ease with which encryption software can be used, … Continue reading

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‘When we talk about offering digital services at the ICO we don’t mean driving customers to the least expensive contact channel’

By Paul Arnold, Head of Customer and Business Services. Providing modern, fit for purpose, public services, in difficult economic times, is a challenge facing all regulators and public sector bodies. Securing value for money from our investment of public funds … Continue reading

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Is someone watching you right now? A warning as website targets insecure webcams

By Simon Rice, Group Manager for Technology The danger of using weak passwords has been exposed again this month after a new website was launched that allows people to watch live footage from some of the insecure cameras across the … Continue reading

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A CCTV code fit for 2014 and beyond

By Jonathan Bamford, Head of Strategic Liason. It’s nearly five months since I last wrote about the importance of having a CCTV code fit for the demands of modern society. At that time the draft version of the code was … Continue reading

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The Internet of Things: what is it and what does it mean for you?

By Andrew Paterson, Senior Technology Officer Picture yourself coming home from work in twenty years’ time. The house alarm reacts to a signal from your car as you pull up on the drive and turns off. The alarm then triggers … Continue reading

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