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What you need to know about ICO Privacy Seals

As we all await the outcome of the lengthy negotiations taking place in Europe over the reforms to our existing data protection laws, there is one section of the draft proposals that have been unanimously supported by member states. The … Continue reading

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Review of 2014 for the ICO’s website and blog

Before January draws to a close, we thought it would be interesting to reflect on a year in the life of the ICO website, and more specifically, which parts of the website proved most popular in 2014. Demand for the … Continue reading

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Go figure: the story behind the annual report numbers

It’s less than a month until the ICO annual report is launched in London, giving us the opportunity to look back at a year’s work. It’s always an interesting experience, as we briefly shift our emphasis from concentrating on the … Continue reading

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ICO blog: Select Committee report gives cause to feel positive

An email that begins by explaining you’re heading for a £42.8 million shortfall rarely leaves you feeling positive about the future, but that’s the position I found myself in earlier this week when I received an embargoed report into the … Continue reading

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ICO blog: Update on how we’re helping blacklisted workers

The Labour Party called for a debate this week on whether a Government inquiry is needed into blacklisting in the construction industry. The motion the party has tabled highlights that some workers are still not aware their name appeared on … Continue reading

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ICO blog: The Information Commissioner responds to the Leveson Report

Back to work after the Christmas and New Year break – and back to Leveson. The judge’s report on his ‘Inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the press’ runs to four volumes, rather like the old London telephone … Continue reading

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ICO blog: Ever-changing information rights means ever-changing guidance

The world of information rights is ever-changing, with constant developments in case law and technology. Given the size of the ICO’s catalogue of guidance, which continues to grow, making sure everything is up-to-date and relevant is a challenge that sometimes … Continue reading

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ICO blog: More work to help those affected by construction blacklist

It’s almost two months since I last wrote about the ICO’s work around the Consulting Association’s construction industry blacklist. Now is an opportune time to update you on how we are working to help those on the list. You may recall … Continue reading

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ICO blog: Audit improvements proving successful

When I blogged in January, I talked about how we had made some big changes to how we deliver our data protection audit programme. The changes were brought in to encourage more organisations to take up the free service we … Continue reading

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ICO blog: Prosecution of construction blacklist used strongest powers we had

The construction blacklist has again been in the headlines recently, with Liberty and the GMB trade union both writing to the ICO in an effort to better understand what further action can be taken to help those people listed on … Continue reading

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