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Being held to ransom?

By Simon Rice, Group Manager for Technology. UK businesses are reportedly being forced to shut down after being held hostage by ransomware. One report suggested that 54% of UK businesses have been targeted with a ransomware attack, prompting more than … Continue reading

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ICO releases new encryption guidance

By Peter Brown, Senior Technology Officer So many data breaches that make the headlines lead to questions about whether the data placed at risk was encrypted. All too often, despite the relative ease with which encryption software can be used, … Continue reading

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Heartbleed and the importance of encrypting internet traffic

By Simon Rice, Group Manager. Many of you will have heard of the security flaw which came to be known as Heartbleed. The flaw effectively allowed individuals with the right know-how to access the information being exchanged between individuals and … Continue reading

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Keeping parents informed: what schools need to consider when using email

By Victoria Cetinkaya, Senior Policy Officer (Public Services). The crumpled letter in the bottom of a school bag is probably most people’s first thought when they think of how schools communicate with parents. But while email and other technology is … Continue reading

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ICO blog: Data leaks in local government: where are the cracks in your system?

The local government sector has already received penalties totalling over £2m in the last three years following serious failings in the way they are looking after people’s data. The total value of these penalties is higher than for any other … Continue reading

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ICO Blog: Why encryption is important to data security

Storing any personal information is inherently risky. By recording it, you risk losing it, and that risks upsetting people, and no-one likes upsetting people. But quite often, if you don’t store personal data, you can’t provide a proper service. And … Continue reading

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ICO blog: Police collaboration unit failings should act as a warning to all

In the current climate of cuts to resources in the policing sector we are understandably seeing an increase in collaborative working. Whilst this can, in many cases, work well in practice and in fact be an effective solution to the … Continue reading

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