Elizabeth Denham
Information Commissioner

Elizabeth Denham was appointed UK Information Commissioner on 15 July 2016, having previously held the position of Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia, Canada.

The Information Commissioner is appointed by HM The Queen and has independent status, reporting directly to Parliament, with a range of responsibilities under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the Data Protection Act 1998 and related laws.

Christopher Graham
Christopher Graham
Former Information Commissioner

Christopher Graham took the role of UK Information Commissioner on 29 June 2009 and concluded his tenure on 28 June 2016.

Simon Entwisle
Simon Entwisle

Chief Operating Officer

Simon Entwisle joined the ICO in October 2004. Throughout his 13 years at the ICO Simon has been a member of the Management Board responsible for operations. Simon’s background is in operations and he has been involved in complaints handling since 1991. He also has extensive experience of integrating IT into the work in operational areas.

Paul Arnold
Deputy Chief Executive

Paul Arnold is responsible for the ICO’s internal support and compliance functions as well as our high volume customer services. Paul leads departments responsible for IT, Information Governance, Business Development and Change Management, Organisation Development and Customer Contact.

Steve Wood
Steve Wood
Deputy Commissioner (Policy)

Steve Wood is responsible for the ICO’s policy position on the proper application of information rights law and good practice, through lines to take, guidance, internal training, advice and specific projects.

Jonathan Bamford
Jonathan Bamford
Head of Parliamentary and Government Affairs

Jonathan’s department manages the ICO’s key relationships across the public, private and third sectors together with civil society and international contacts. His work centres upon the major information rights issues of the day and can range from appearing before parliamentary committees to representing the ICO on the broadcast media.

Louise Byers
Louise Byers

Head of Risk Governance

Louise has responsibility for the delivery of a programme of audits and advisory work aimed at educating and assisting organisations to meet their data protection obligations. She is also responsible for conducting audits using the Assessment Notice powers.

Steve Eckersley
Steve Eckersley

Head of Enforcement

The Enforcement Team’s aim is to take purposeful risk-based regulatory action where obligations are ignored, examples need to be set or issues need to be clarified, based on the ICO’s Regulatory Action Policy.

Jo Pedder
Head of Policy and Engagement

Jo has lead responsibility for the ICO’s guidance on the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act.

Nigel Houlden
Head of Technology Policy

Nigel’s department develops policy positions and products in relation to information technology and information security issues. Nigel is the ICO’s lead technological advisor and key liaison with the ICO’s technology stakeholders.

Andy Curry
Group Manager, Enforcement

Andy Curry heads the team that enforces the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations. As well as cracking down on nuisance calls, his team investigates companies behind unwanted texts and emails and takes action when needed.

David Smith
David Smith
Former Deputy Commissioner and Director of Data Protection

As well as providing Data Protection leadership across the ICO, David had direct responsibility for oversight of its Strategic Liaison Division, developing and managing the ICO’s relations with its key stakeholders. David Smith retired from his position in November 2015.

Graham Smith
Graham Smith
Former Deputy Commissioner and Director of Freedom of Information

One of two Deputy Commissioners, Graham led responsibility for promoting and enforcing Freedom of Information. Graham left the ICO in October 2015 to take up a position with the European Ombudsman.

Anne Jones
Anne Jones
Former Assistant Commissioner (Wales)

Anne led our Wales office until July 2016. She joined the ICO in 2003, with a background in libraries, information and IT. Anne is a graduate of Aberystwyth and Bristol universities, and prior to this role her career was in the higher education, local authority and private sectors.

Robert Parker
Robert Parker
Head of Corporate Affairs

Robert Parker’s department is responsible for providing effective internal and external communications for the ICO, corporate and business planning, risk management and internal audit.

Garreth Cameron

Group Manager, Strategic Liason

Garreth is a group manager in our Strategic Liason department. His team focuses on the business and industry sector.

Victoria Heath
Victoria Heath

Group Manager, Audit

Victoria’s Criminal Justice sector team helps organisations meet their obligations under the Data Protection Act. Her work includes managing a programme of audits and advisory visits.

Judith Jones
Group Manager, Government and Society

Judith is responsible for developing and managing relations with government departments and organisations in the Strategic Liaison Division of the ICO.

Meagan Mirza
Group Manager, Police Justice and Borders

Meagan is the Group Manager for the Public Security Team. Meagan’s team is responsible for engaging with and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders in the policing sector.

Dawn Monaghan
Dawn Monaghan
Group Manager,

Dawn was the Group Manager for the Public Services Team, responsible for engaging with and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders in the health, education and local government sectors.

Sally-Anne Poole
Sally-Anne Poole

Group Manager, Enforcement

Sally-Anne’s team investigates breaches of the Data Protection Act, exercising the Commissioner’s powers of enforcement contained in part V of the Act, including civil monetary penalties.

Simon Rice
Dr. Simon Rice
Group Manager, Technology

Simon is the Group Manager for the Technology team which provides technical expertise to all ICO departments in order to support the broad range of activities undertaken by the ICO.

Greer Schick

Greer Schick

Group Manager, Digital Business Development

Greer has responsibility for planning the Information Commissioner’s Office’s online presence, including the ICO website.

Carl Wiper

Group Manager, Policy Delivery

Prior to working at the ICO, Carl’s career has been in information management, research and libraries in the local government, not-for-profit, higher education and private sectors.

Damian Moran
Damian Moran

Investigations Manager, Enforcement Department

Damian is a manager in the Criminal Investigation Team within the Enforcement Department, responsible for the investigation of criminal breaches of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Laura Middleton
Team Manager, Enforcement Department

Laura is a manager in the Civil Investigations team within the Enforcement Department. The team investigate breaches of the Data Protection Act, exercising the Commissioner’s powers of enforcement contained in part V of the Act, including civil monetary penalties.

Adam Stevens
Adam Stevens
Team Manager, Intelligence Hub

Adam manages the Intelligence Hub within the Enforcement Department, which collects, analyses and disseminates information with the aim of guiding and supporting the ICO’s approach to regulatory action.

Kai Winterbottom
Former Group Manager, Good Practice

Kai was Group Manager for the NHS sector within the ICO’s Good Practice team. Good Practice’s aim is to help organisations understand how to comply with the DPA.

Gemma Farmer
Gemma Farmer

Senior Policy Officer, Policy Delivery

Gemma’s team leads on the Privacy Seals project, research on the impact of the ICO’s civil monetary penalties and formal responses to any consultations on the Data Protection Act.

Simon Entwisle
Victoria Cetinkaya
Senior Policy Officer, Public Services

Victoria’s current responsibilities lie in the area of public services, where she takes the lead in liaising with the education sector. Previous roles at the ICO have included working with private sector organisations in areas such as credit, fraud prevention and technology.

Prior to working at the ICO Victoria worked in both the private and public sectors, mainly in financial services compliance and teaching.

Peter Brown
Senior Technology Officer

Peter works in our Technology team, providing technical expertise to all ICO departments in order to support the broad range of activities undertaken by the ICO.

Andrew Paterson
Former Senior Technology Officer

Andrew’s main areas of work were advising colleagues on information security aspects of complaints and data breach investigations, and research on how developments in technology might impact information rights.

Between 2008 and 2012, Andrew worked as a security tester, gaining valuable insight into real-world information security issues. He was also a primary contact responsible for explaining security concepts to sometimes non-technical customers.