ico.org.uk – remaining sections now live

By Greer Schick, Online and Internal Communications Manager.

blog-new-websiteIn my last blog I wrote about launching the first sections of a rebuilt ico.org.uk. Today, we have released the remaining sections: For organisations, Action we’ve taken and About the ICO.

For regular visitors, these are the sections where you might notice the biggest changes.

I’d like to encourage you to explore the site, see how you get on, and send us your feedback. It’s important to us that we continue to improve ico.org.uk based on the needs of users.

What’s changed?

Our main aim was to make it easier and faster for people to exercise their information rights and for organisations to meet their obligations.

Users told us that they valued the advice and guidance on ico.org.uk. They were also particularly interested in the action we’ve taken to help organisations comply, mainly so they could learn from others’ mistakes.

We’ve maintained and migrated all our content to the rebuilt site, but we’ve made it easier to get to, and do things with it, in a number of ways.

We’ve added a new horizontal navigation on every page of the site. There’s also more of a ‘homepage feel’ to the main landing pages in each of the sections. These promote content that sits deeper in the site, helping you get to it faster, with fewer clicks.

We’ve made some structural changes, grouping together more content that covers a similar theme to further simplify the site. For example, our data protection guidance, including the guidance on each principle and the codes of practice, is now all accessible from one place, the Guide to data protection. (We’ve also added a built-in search to each of our guides to the legislation.) And, a new section, ‘Action we’ve taken’, is a clear signpost to all the action we have taken to help organisations comply with their obligations. It includes all types of enforcement action, our decision notices and reports from our audit and advisory visits.

Organisational users told us that they often wanted sector-specific information, including any specific relevant guidance we’ve produced, and any recent enforcement action. This is one of the areas that’s now much more prominent on the redesigned ‘For organisations’ page. For practitioners, we hope that you find these pages a useful ‘one stop shop’ to find the latest activity in your sector.

There are a few pieces of new functionality. One I’ll mention here is the ability to apply filters in some of our lists, for example where we list our monetary penalty notices, prosecutions, enforcement notices and undertakings, so that you can view the content in ways that suit you, eg by type or date. In response to feedback, we are also planning to add the ability to filter by sector.

Your feedback

We hope you like the changes. Please tell us what you think by posting a comment below.

Greer SchickGreer Schick has responsibility for the Information Commissioner’s Office’s online presence, including the ICO website and intranet.

Last updated 11/12/2014 11:00

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10 Responses to ico.org.uk – remaining sections now live

  1. Andrew Hewson says:

    Are you aware that the page ico.org.uk/pay has disappeared? So, I get a letter asking me to pay £35. I put the link in the letter in my browser intending to make the payment. No web page. Nothing on your site to indicate how or where I can pay. Rubbish don’t you think?

  2. T Lockhart says:

    Your website has a Security Certificate Error – The security certificate was issued for a different website’s address – This error message comes up in my browser & my company security system wants to close the web page.

  3. L Horton says:

    A suggestion. HMRC has some model Gift Aid forms, but these make no mention of the need to collect personal data in accordance with the DPA. It might be a good idea to ask them to include a link to the ICO website and have some model wording you can point them to. Lots of people in the voluntary sector seem to think the DPA doesn’t apply to charities (I know there are some limited exemptions but I’ve had to force charities that were collecting data way beyond the exemptions to register and it’s hard work if government sites don’t seem to reinforce the argument). Charities will read up about Gift Aid even if they never look at the ICO website! This is the HMRC web page: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/charities/gift_aid/declarations.htm

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  5. Ian Eiloart says:

    A few comments, after viewing guidance for political organisations.

    1. Some of your PDFs still contain links to the GOV.UK site. In particular, I noticed this in the guidance to Councillors.

    2. In the guidance to political parties, you don’t make any mention at all of our two most common marketing methods: putting unaddressed leaflets through doors, and knocking on doors to speak to people. It would be useful to know the legal position here on (a) people who have opted out of communications, and (b) notices on doors saying things like “no junk mail” and so on. It may be that these aren’t covered by the legislation, but it would be nice to know either way.

    3. The registration form asks lots of questions about “my organisation”, when I’m registering as an individual.

    4. For some reason I had to enter my name and address more than once. That’s despite the fact that you’ve managed to avoid even more opportunities for duplication.

    5. Overall, the site seems rather more clear than before.

  6. Owen Thomas says:

    Can we also have back some consistency about right-clicking links to open them in new tabs? Limited link options might be super when you’re trying to buy a telly or leg-wax or something simple, but you guys are running a complex organisation purporting to offer legally significant guidance to experts and lay-people alike. Reliably being able to open two or more documents of interest is helpful to those of us who know our way around DPA, FOI and the likes – it could be a godsend for those who don’t.

  7. bobrt says:

    It would be nice to have a .pdf version of controller registration form in English (not just Welsh) to use as a worksheet.

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