ICO blog: Using public concerns and self-reported incidents to regulate information rights practice.

‘We’re going to adjust our focus to what we can do for the many by acting on the concerns expressed by individuals. We’re keen to learn more from casework and tackle systemic problems ahead of individual lapses.’

So said Christopher Graham in his draft vision for Information Rights, Looking ahead, Staying Ahead, published for consultation in November. Today, we are publishing consultation proposals for how this might be achieved:

Using public concerns and self-reported incidents to regulate information rights practice (PDF).

The number of customers asking us for advice or raising concerns with us increases year on year. As awareness of information rights amongst the UK population increases, we expect demand for our services to continue to grow. The changes we are  proposing to make are intended to help us keep pace with this demand using our existing resources.

As a responsible regulator we must make sure our limited resources are used in ways which add the most value. This means continuously challenging ourselves to find new efficiencies in our working practices and making sure we only investigate public concerns where to do so has a clear regulatory benefit, with more people benefiting, more of the time.

This consultation is aimed at the organisations we regulate. However, we also welcome views from the public and other interested parties more generally.

We are particularly seeking responses to the following questions.

1)   Will the way in which we are proposing to address complaints and engage with businesses have a significant impact on your business?

2)   If so what will this impact be? Will it be positive or negative for you?

3)   Are you able to quantify this likely increase or decrease in the burden of our activity on your business?

4)   If you expect the burden to be increased can you suggest how we might keep this increase to a minimum?

5)   If you expect the burden to be decreased can you suggest any steps we might take to decrease this burden even further?

6)   Do you agree with our proposal to publish the number of concerns raised with us about each organization? If not why not?

View our current consultations page here.

Simon EntwisleSimon Entwisle is responsible for all the ICO’s operational functions, including Customer Contact, Case Resolution, Enforcement and Good Practice as well as the Assistant Commissioners in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
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